Chore Chart

We don't have too many chores in our home.  We live in a small apartment, there are only 4 of us, so it honestly doesn't take much to keep up with us as long as I stay organized.  I do, however, feel that teaching my children to contribute and take care of a home is high on my list of "mom duties."  One thing that works for us is to have a list, written out, so that the kids can see it.  Blame their need to have the plan laid out on me...I don't care.  What's wrong with them marching to the steady beat of a drum, staying in line from time to time? NOTHING!  We can adjust!  Why do you think my chart is made with dry erase marker?  It's not written in stone.  Our plan never is.  The important part is that we always have SOME KIND of a PLAN.  We are just able to adapt whenever the need arises.  I am going to hypothesize that it will help them to plan for adulthood.  We'll see how my thought works out in about 10 years.  Let me explain how my chart works so you can see the master in my mind (**wink** **Wink**)  My idea took flight when I saw a Pin from a woman who uses a frame as a weekly calendar for her family.  

Walmart frame (the openings are 4x6, I think it was $10)
Scrapbook paper cut to size for the background paper-purely aesthetic
Assignment papers printed with day of the week, kid names and squares (used word processing program, nothing fancy), quote that fits our family
Dry erase markers

How the chart works:
On Sunday (simply because it starts our week) we sit down and discuss how our week will go, which days the kids will choose to practice karate and piano and other activities they may need to fit in, reminding them which days may be running short on time (such as Thursday as karate takes up nearly the entire day after school). I am allowed to add whatever chores I feel are appropriate for the amount of other things they have going on and their age/maturity level.  I am finding the dry erase feature to be most useful as I may say I want one of them to empty the dishwasher on Tuesday, but get to Tuesday and the dishwasher doesn't actually need to be emptied, so I get to swap it for another chore.  I am allowed that adaptive license as I am the master of the chore list.  Seeing as my kids only care what is on the list when they get home and what is in print, they have been able to adapt to the change there in as well.  

As they complete each activity, they get to check the box.  They are not allowed after school screen time until their lists are done.  Friend/physical activity is negotiable, depending on how much is on their list and whether or not they have "roll-over" activities from the day before.  Just depends on whether or not it was time constraint or choice driven.  We don't live and die by the list, it is a tool, but it is a VERY useful tool.  Instead of me just picking the things out of my head to keep telling them..."no, you can't go play, you have to clean your room, you have to put away your clothes... "  they can see the list.  It is no longer an arbitrary, mom just wants to torture me, kind of a list that is spouted from my lips.  I also don't feel so crazy trying to remember everything I need them to do.  I just go over to the board and write it down.  I also use the miscellaneous section to remind myself of things I need to do and can ask my hubby to help me with during the week.
It won't last forever.  It's just one of those things that works for us for now.  We are constantly growing and changing, so are my methods for keeping us organized.  So, to the sweet woman who pinned her calendar... THANK YOU!  I am sorry I didn't pin it to give you credit.  I just knew I wouldn't use the calendar, but BOY, did my mind take off on the functionality of dry erase markers on glass!

I LOVE subway art.  I love to see what everyone comes up with.  In fact, I may hoard it on my hard drive, just so that I can print it when the mood strikes.  I have found a new way to express myself with the whole subway art craze.  Seeing as I am not terribly savvy when it comes to digital creations, I have stayed away from trying to create it.  I love to cut up paper, though.  I love to glue paper.  I love to adhere paper to itself with pop up squares.  I have created a piece of subway art, a la Shelley.  I don't know for sure where I would put it.  I just pulled some paper off the shelf at the store that would serve the idea I had.  I'll be creating more to share, but I don't have it ready.  This is just an idea of my style.  Feel free to tell me what you think. 

There is just something about using my hands to cut and paste paper, to paint wood, to bend and twist wire that thrills me.  I love to picture an idea in my head and make it come alive.  I will share with you my ideas and even tell you how I did it from time to time.  Creativity is an outlet for me.  I don't breathe without it.  How about you?

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