Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creating a New Normal

Creating a New Normal

We recently moved a very long way from anywhere we consider home.  As I stood in my kitchen today, pondering how to redefine how it is that I exist in this new life, a sudden feeling of panic overwhelmed me.  I didn't want a new sense of normal.  I was fine with the old normal.  I was happy with the job that I had, the friends that I left, the distance to my family.  The friends I would normally go to to help me make everything ok are over 3,000 miles away and a phone call, text, or email are just not the same.  I am tired of redefining my sense of normalcy.  As all of these feelings washed over me and spilled over my lower lids I turned to something that is normal for me.  I found something to create there, in my kitchen.

So, here you go.  Here is my creation today.  I wanted some schmear from Einstein Bagels.  You know, the sundried tomato schmear.  It tastes like a pizza right there on my bagel.  I will go get bagels just to have this cream cheese spread in my fridge.  I put it on nearly anything I can.  Oh, and these beautiful sourdough crisps that Costco carries?  Forget about it!  I am pretty sure there is an Einstein's here in our city, but I certainly didn't have the energy to go find it.  I had ingredients to make something pretty close.  It satisfied me for the time being and focused my mind on something other than my woes.

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