Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year...finding joy in 2012!

So, with a new year comes a fresh start, right?  I can hardly believe that nearly a year ago we were planning to move to New Orleans.  In fact, I look at the first and only post I had last year and am astounded at how quickly the last 9 months have gone by.  We did not move to LA, we did not get to return to having Dad take over as the primary financial support.  We did, however, sell the house and move to Clearfield, UT.  We struggled to find some jobs that would take care of us while DH gathers more hours as a helo pilot while awaiting someone to hire him to fly.  The Lord is always looking out for us, though, as we were able to take care of ourselves, procure a place to live, feed ourselves, and still have a decent Christmas.  We have healthy bodies, happy children, and enjoy being together.  I am working to find some balance in my life, making sure that I spend my energies in ways that return to me what it is that brings to me the greatest joy possible.  So it is that I am returning to this blog site, setting up pages.  I desire to create and I think I will find joy in sharing.  May you find joy in what I create.  If you don't, may you find joy somewhere else.  We all have our own tastes.


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